Schengen visas - Lithuania

Embassy address:
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania
2 Bessborough Gardens,

Telephone: 020 7592 2840
Fax: 020 7486 64 03

Online: Embassy website


Please check their working hours on their website.

Do I need a visa to visit Lithuania?
Some countries have special relationships with other countries which enables their residents to travel freely between the two without a visa. Check if you definitely need a visa to travel by checking the Embassy website.

How can I apply?
Unfortunately, you can only apply for a Schengen visa to Lithuania by visiting the Embassy in person. Instructions on how to do this are outlined below.

How do I book an appointment?
Application for visa and supporting documents may be submitted only in person by prior appointment. Applications received by post or fax will not be considered. You can book an appointment using this link Lithuanian Embassy website.

What documents do I need?
For a full list of documentation required, you should check the Lithuanian Embassy website as requirements may change.

As a guideline you should expect to provide:

  • Your passport or travel document which must be valid and in date. This must contain your student visa (which must be valid for at least 3 longer than the validity of the Schengen visa applied for) your passport must have 2 blank pages to affix the Schengen visa sticker.
  • Schengen letter available from your faculty.
  • Health insurance to cover the duration of the visit. Insurance is available from the Post Office, large supermarkets or various providers online. The insurance company will provide you with a letter of certificate to include with your application.
  • Proof of travel plans: this will be the flight / ferry / train booking for your trip. This country insists that you must pre-book your travel before application.
  • Proof of accommodation: this will be the booking for the hotel or other accommodation you will be staying at. It is easy to find hotels that make bookings either with a small deposit or no fee at all, so book with one of these. See our tips in our travel pages.
  • Letter of invitation. If you are visiting friends or family, they will need to write you a letter inviting you to come and visit. This should either be in English or in the language of the country you are visiting. If they are providing you with food and/or accommodation, the letter should state this as well.
  • Proof of financial means. You should have approx. £40 per day available to you for the duration of your visit. You should provide bank statements covering the last 3 months or travellers cheques for the relevant amount to prove this.
  • Schengen visa fee. This varies from country to country so check the website for charges and method of payment.
  • Self addressed special delivery envelope. This is so that the Embassy can post your passport and / or documents back to you when a decision has been made and is available from all post offices.
  • Copies of all documents provided. Generally, you will be expected to take both originals and copies of all your documents to your appointment with you.

How do I get to the Embassy?
Information on how to get to the Lithuanian Embassy and a map is available here.

The nearest underground station is Pimlico.

Even though the Visa section only opens in the afternoon, you may want to book overnight accommodation in London to ensure that you arrive in time. Make sure you plan your route across London on a map before you go. If your appointment is early in the morning, try and have a practice walk of the route the day before your appointment.

You will not be seen if you arrive after 2.45pm or if you arrive without the correct documentation.

A map of the London Underground is available.

See for cheap bus travel between Cardiff and London, for National Express coaches to all destinations and for trains between all stations.

See or for cheap hotels and hostels. In London, you may also be able stay at The International Students House Contact them direct for details.

How long will it take?

Visa applications will be decided on within 15 days of the date of the lodging of an application at the Embassy. This period in certain cases might be extended up to 30-60 days.

When you have had your documents checked at your appointment, the Embassy official will retain your passport (and the copies of your documents) for a decision to be made. The Lithuanian Embassy claims that it will process all applications with in 7 working days. Your passport will then be posted back to you. Be aware that it may take longer especially during busy periods or national holidays. More information is available on the Embassy website.

How can the Immigration & International Student Advice team help me with my Schengen visa?
IISA does not offer a service whereby they make your Schengen visa application or appointment for you. This is because generally travelling outside of the UK during your studies is for your personal pleasure. They can however check through your documents before your visit to the Embassy.

If you would like an adviser to check your documents for you, you should email stating which country you are applying to and the date on which you plan to travel to London to submit your application.

You should start making your Schengen visa application at least 8-12 weeks before your proposed travel date.