Psychology dissertation participants needed

February 14, 2017

Charlotte, a 3rd year psychology student, is looking for help from Czech or Slovak students for her dissertation. Further details, including how to get in touch with Charlotte are included in her message below.

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I’m currently undertaking my dissertation in Psychology.

I have an opportunity for native Czech or Slovak people to participate in some cutting edge research which is looking at the current framework around police investigations.
You will receive a full debrief upon completion.

The study will take no more than 20 minutes and is worth 1 hour 30 minutes participation time. You will complete a short planning activity.

Your participation is very helpful towards this research and I’d be so grateful for your involvement.
I’m on Treforest campus this Thursday (16/02/17) all day.
Let me know you’re interested in taking part!

Email me:

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