Tier 4 Visas- Working full time after course completion

November 11, 2011

It is very important that international students on Tier 4 visas are not working full time during designated study periods.

A student can only start working full time once they have reached their course end date as stated on their original CAS statement. This is because this is the date that the UK Border Agency have as your course end date and which they have used to calculate the length of your visa.

If you work full time before your course end date, as has been submitted to the UK Border Agency via your CAS statement, you are putting yourself at risk of future immigration refusal.

If you have a discrepancy of more than one month between your CAS course end date and your actual course end date please let the International Student Support Service (ISSS) in B68 know so that we can advise you appropriately.

Please be aware that these regulations are set out by the UK Border Agency and not the University. Please see further Glamlife information on working during your studies.

ISSS staff will not enter into debate around when you think you should be allowed to work from, they will only reiterate the law and tell you to wait until your official CAS end date in order for you to remain safe and legal.

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