Administrative Review

It is no longer possible for students to make an appeal against a visa refusal for Tier 4 applications made on or after 20th October 2014.

However, if you applied for your visa after that date and you think an (evidenced) mistake has been made, you can ask for the application to be looked at again through an administrative review.

You can ask for an administrative review if:

1. You made an application in the UK and you believe your visa was incorrectly refused
2. You made an application in the UK and your visa was granted, but you believe something is wrong with it (for example, the amount of time or how many hours you are allowed to work) on your visa may be incorrect

The administrative review for refusal decisions costs £80 but you will get this back if the review is found in your favour. You must apply for the Review within 14 days of receiving the decision letter and you can make the application online. You should not need to provide any additional documents unless requested but should ensure that you are able to pay the £80 fee via credit or debit card.

Your Immigration & International Student Advice (IISA) Adviser will fully support you through the review process. You can help them by making sure that IISA have copies of all the relevant refusal documents, your correct contact details and that you are responding quickly to any attempts they make to contact you. Please email IISA if you have received a visa refusal so that they can assess the case and support you appropriately.

You should receive a response from the UK Visas & Immigration Department within 28 days of submitting your administrative review. If the original visa application was made in the UK, then you will be legally allowed to remain in the UK until your administrative review has been decided.