BRP/BID visa cards and collection

Most University of South Wales students arriving for arriving for a new course should be able to collect their visa cards (referred to by UK Visas and Immigration as a BID or a BRP) from the University’s Immigration & International Student Advice team (IISA).

However, if you did not use the University code and are collecting from a post office, you will need to check on your UKVI decision letter to see where that is. You should also print out and complete this form to take with you as it will make the process quicker and easier and take it with you when you go to collect.

IISA are situated in the International Zone at E001 on the Treforest campus. This is located at number 27 on the Treforest campus map

For February 2017 entry you will be able to collect your BRP from Monday 6th February. IISA are open between 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday (except for Tuesday afternoons when we close at 1pm) for collection purposes. During the International Welcome Programme you will also be able to collect your BRP at other times during that weekend/week and these sessions are outlined on the IWP Guide which you can download from the link above.

You will need to collect your BRP before you can complete your academic enrolment.

In order to be able to collect your card, you will need to bring the following items with you:

  • Your UKVI decision letter
  • Your passport containing your visa vignette (sticker)
  • Your CAS statement

If you have dependants you will also be able to collect their cards from IISA and you should bring all their passports with you.

Please note that you will need to collect your BRP before you can complete your University enrolment. The last date of enrolment for February 2017 entry is Monday 13th February, failure to collect your BRP by this date could result in the University returning it to the UKVI and your visa being curtailed. Please note that PHD/MPhil Research students fall outside this enrolment period requirement.

Further information about enrolment can be found on the University’s International Students’ Enrolment Information page

Checking your card and rectifying mistakes

It is very important that you check your card carefully to make sure that there are no mistakes This should include:

If you believe a mistake has been made please contact the IISA team immediately so they can check this for you. If a mistake has been made they will be able to support you through getting this changed. Dependant on the mistake made, they may be able to get this mistake changed immediately for free or to support you through a Administrative Review.

Do not wait to highlight mistakes as this might affect your future immigration situation.

Please note also that even though your vignette is technically a multiple entry visa, the UK Council for International Student Affairs recommend that you should not attempt to travel outside of the UK until you have collected your BRP.

If you have any queries about this please email the IISA team